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Arkansas Electrical Contractors License

get arkansas contractors licenseMaster-The ability to plan, layout, supervise, and conduct the installation, maintenance, and extension of electrical conductors and equipment. Journeyman-The ability to install, maintain, or extend electrical conductors and equipment. All work must be done under the supervision of a Master Electrician. Any person or business that is a Master Electrician or employs a Master Electrician as its superintendent or manager may become an Electrical Contractor by making application with the Licensing Board and paying the $100.00 licensing fee. No further testing is necessary unless you are bidding jobs over $20,000. BUSINESS AND LAW: The Business Law exam is needed if you are doing projects above $20,000. This additional exam makes you eligible for an Electrical Contractor's license. For jobs less than $20,000 applicants only need to pass the trade exam.


Arkansas Electrical Contractors License Requirements


let us help you get your contractors licenseThe State of Arkansas requires a contractors license for all commercial and residential construction work of $20,000 or more. Pre-approval is required from the board before sitting for the examination. There are no State mandated minimum financial requirements for these licenses. Master Electrical: Each applicant must hold an electrical engineering degree plus two years of experience, OR six years of residential and commercial experience in the construction industry, including two years as a journeyman electrician OR any combination of work experience and education as the Board will approve. Journeyman Electrical: Applicants must have four years' experience working with an electrical contractor with no less than 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and no less than 4,000 hours of on-the-job training in new commercial and new industrial construction OR a “Notice of Apprentice Committee Action – Release for Test” form OR 4 years of any combination of education and work experience that the Board will approve. The licensing fee for the Master is $50.00 and the Journeyman is $25.00.The Board requires you to have minimum business related net worth for any classification. For heavy, highway, railroad, airport, municipal & utility and building contracting it's $50,000, for light building, mechanical and electrical it's $20,000. The specialty trades are $5,000. The Board also requires contractors to post a bond for $10,000. More info here.


Arkansas Electrical Contractors Fees


contractors license feesPre-approval from the board is required for testing. This is done my submitting a completed application. After the application is approved the State Licensing Board will notify you of a testing date. The examination fee is $35 for the paper-pencil exam or $75 for the computerized exam. It will cost you $100 nonrefundable to file an application for a license. The license is good for one year.


Arkansas Electrical Contractors Exam Details


contractor exam detailed informationPre-Approval for examinations is required for Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC classifications. General contractors must first pass the required exams before submitting an application to the licensing board. The Electrical examination has 60 questions and a time limit of 3 hours. A 70% is required to pass. Both the Master and Journeyman Exams are open-book tests with 60 questions and a 3-hour time limit. BUSINESS AND LAW: The Business Law exam is needed if you are doing projects above $20,000. This additional exam makes you eligible for an Electrical Contractor's license. For jobs less than $20,000 applicants only need to pass the electrical exam. More info here.


Electrical Exam Content


General Knowledge of the Electrical Trade and Calculations
Grounding and Bonding
Service Feeders, Branch Circuits and Overcurrent Protection
Raceways and Enclosures
Motors and Controls
Utilization and General Use Equipment
Special Occupancies and Equipment
Low Voltage Circuits including Alarms and Communications

Total Number of Test Questions: 60

Time Allowed: 180 minutes


Books That Are Allowed Into The Exam


1. National Electrical Code (NFPA-70), 2011, NFPA.


NOTE: If you are not currently a licensed contractor then you are required to take and pass BOTH the standard LAW exam and TRADE specific exam.

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complete home study kit saleOur home study materials are available in either books with CD-ROMs version or online downloadable version. Our CD-ROM software is developed using the computer-assisted testing software, which means that no internet or prior computer experience is required. Both CD-ROM and instant online download versions are identical and cover everything you need to study and pass your contractors exam. The complete home study kit includes: both Business and Law & Electrical study manuals with over 200 pages of electrical formulas, terminology, math examples, estimating, wiring, and more. Plus, over a thousand of practice exam questions with detailed explanations to all Business and Law and Electrical exam questions. All orders also receive a complete contractors application review, 30-day online exam support, and 24/7 online applicant support.


Arkansas Contractors License Reciprocity


contractors license reciprocityThe State of Arkansas Licensing Board has reciprocity with Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. You must complete a Request for Verification of License and Affidavit form. The reciprocity is for exam waiver only. More info can be found here.