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no pass no pay contractors exam gurantee policyMoney Back Guarantee

We help contractors pass their contractors license exam on their first attempt or your money back. It's that simple, plus, with our 30-day online support, you will have access to our support team, which will answer any questions you may have regarding your contractors exam. With a success rate of over 90% we are confident that you will pass your contractors exam and obtain your contractors license on your first attempt. Learn more...

contractors exam books with cdromsBooks/CD-ROMs Version

Applicants have the option to receive their study material in either books/CD-ROMs version or select the same study material in downloadable online version. Both versions are identical and are loaded with valuable information covering hundreds of pages of review content and practice exam questions. If you select the books/CD-ROMs version, you also receive our interactive CD-ROM software that allows you to practice for your contractors exam on a computer, similar to the state exam format. No internet connection or prior computer experience is necessary. The CD-ROM enables you to practice and retake the exams as many times as you like and instantaneously displays correct/incorrect answers with total score for each exam session. The books/CD-ROMs version is a perfect solution for those scheduled to take their contractors exam and prefer to study for the exam at home or while working, well in advance of their scheduled exam date.

download your contractors exam study kitOnline Downloadable Version

Applicants now have the option to receive their study material instantly via a download link. Once you download your study material, you simply need to have the latest Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader. No internet connection or prior computer experience is necessary. The download version enables you to practice and retake the exams as many times as you like and instantaneously displays correct/incorrect answers with total score for each practice session. All of our practice exams are supported on either Windows or Mac format. Download version is a perfect solution for those who have already applied for their contractors license and are scheduled to take their contractors exam, but are running out of time to study. Order today and you can be studying for your contractors license exam within minutes.

law and business contractors exam questions500 Business Law Exam Questions

The Business and Law part of the contractors exam is required for all first time applicants in addition to taking the trade exam. Our Business and Law portion of the kit provides you with 500 practice questions that are broken into 5 exams of 100 questions each. Most applicants have a harder time passing the business law portion of the exam, which is why we include over five hundred practice questions, formatted in an easy-to-learn method. We cover everything from: specific state laws, tax laws, financial management, managing administative duties, business math, estimating and bidding, conducting accounting functions, liens, business organizations, to contracts, employment regulations, safety, record keeping and reporting.

trade practice questions for contractors exam500 Trade Exam Questions

The trade portion of the practice exams consists of 500 questions relating to specific trade and are broken into 5 exams of 100 questions each. Each practice exam covers trade questions; specific and general content, building code references, contractors math, related formulas, safety, and blueprint reading etc. As well as informative concepts that are structured to help you practice, study and pass your contractors exam. We cover the most important topics and explain in detail all of the relevant information that contractors need to know in order to pass their trade portion of the contractors exam. Although most applicants need to have certain number of years of prior work experience, or combination of college education, we believe that our contractors exam study materials can also help those with very little or no prior experience prepare to pass before taking their actual contractors exam.

contractors exam solutions manualsBusiness & Trade Solutions Manuals

The Business and Law & Commercial / General / Building / Small Commercial / Residential practice exams come with detailed solutions manuals. These are the most commonly practiced trades in the industry. These solutions manuals contain detailed explanations with updated building / residential code references. In addition, we include general and specific state practice questions with common math calculations, liens, OSHA safety, estimating and bidding, blueprint. The Business and Law on the other hand is very different as it requires all new contractors to learn very different topics like; accounting, financials, and tax laws. Our Business and Law solutions manuals contain detailed explanations for all of those Business and Law questions and covers most difficult accounting, financial management, and math related problems.

contractors exam complete study manualsBusiness & Trade Study Manuals

All of our home study kits include over 500 pages of study material that focuses on all of the relevant topics which the licensing boards requires that all applicants know and understand before they take their contractors exam. For example; Business and Law & Commercial / General / Building / Small Commercial / Residential material includes over 500 pages of trade related information, math examples, estimating, formulas, OSHA safety, blueprint reading, and other study content. We believe that in order to be a successful contractor, one needs to understand these foundational concepts, which will not only help you pass your contractors exam, but also provide valuable information on how to stay competitive while keeping your contractors license active.

free contractors application reviewContractors Application Review

With every order, we include assistance with a complete review of your contractors license application. We are more than happy to help you in this area. You can either fax, email or ask for help with specific sections you're having problems with. Currently, state licensing boards return more than half of contractors license applications because of incomplete or improperly filled out applications. Don’t pay extra fees for resubmitting applications; get it done right the first time. Not sure if you qualify? Please visit the contractors reference site for more info about your state's requirements?

free contractors exam support30-Day Online Exam Support

All applicants automatically also receive 30 days of online live contractors exam support. This means that you can contact our support team via live chat or email anytime during the 30-day period and ask any questions you need answered pertaining to your contractors license or contractors exam. Given that some first time applicants need a minimum of 1-3 months of preparation time, your 30-day online exam support starts whenever you're ready.

contractors 247 support24/7 Online Applicant Support

We provide 24/7 online applicant support. Given that some applicants have specific questions after hours, we have decided to provide this additional feature of support free of charge available only via live chat and email. Our support team is connected to our servers 24/7 and will respond as soon as possible to your questions. This support is only available to current and new applicants via live chat, scheduled callback, or by email.