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New Mexico Electrical Contractors License

get new mexico contractors license This license covers all electrical work, including work identified in less comprehensive electrical classifications, premises wiring systems 600 volts, nominal, or less, underground distribution raceway systems regardless of voltage, and wiring systems and terminations 600 volts, nominal, or less, with the exception of additional work identified under the EL-1 classification. May bid and contract as the prime contractor of an entire project provided the electrical contractor’s portion of the contract, based on dollar amount, is the major portion of the contract.


New Mexico Electrical Contractors License Requirements


let us help you get your contractors licenseAnyone engaged in construction-related contracting in New Mexico must be licensed. This includes general construction work, electrical, mechanical and plumbing and LP gas. Applicants qualifying agent must provide proof of required experience (2-4 years depending on classification). The applicant must also submit a certificate of competence. The activities that are considered to be contracting in New Mexico are defined in the Construction Industries Licensing Act, NMSA 1978, Section 60-13-3. More info here.


New Mexico Electrical Contractors Fees


contractors license feesConstruction contractor's license fees: It will cost you $30 nonrefundable to apply for your initial contractor's license. The license itself will cost $150 for each trade except for the trades which have multipart exams. Licenses for these trades are $300 each. Journeyman exams and licenses cost $75. Licenses are good for three years.


New Mexico Electrical Contractors Exam Details


contractor exam detailed informationThe New Mexico Electrical exam content is as follows: Part 1 (Commercial & Industrial) is 80 questions, 180 minutes and requires 75% to pass Part 2 (Residential) is 40 questions, 90 minutes and requires 75% to pass Part 3 (Specialties) is 50 questions, 12 minutes and requires 75% to pass The references listed are for all three parts of the exam. The New Mexico Business and Law Exam has 50 questions and a time limit of 125 minutes. A 75% is required to pass. Topics on the exam include licensing requirements, estimating and bidding, business organization and financial management, tax laws, labor laws, project management and lien law, contractors, risk management, and environment and safety. The fee for the exam is $44. To schedule your exam, you must be first pre-approved. More info here.

Electrical EE-98 Exam Content


General Knowledge and Electrical Installation Requirements
Services, Feeders, and Branch Circuits
Overcurrent Protection
Grounding and Bonding
Conductors and Cables
Raceways and Boxes
Hazardous Locations, Special Occupancies and Special Equipment
Lighting, Signs, and General-Use Equipment
Motors, Transformers, and Generators
New Mexico State Code

Low Voltage
Electrical Signs and Outline Lighting
Cathodic Protection and Lightning Protection Systems
Telephone and Computer Systems
Sound and Communication Systems

Total Number of Test Questions Part 1: 80
Total Number of Test Questions Part 2: 40

Total Number of Test Questions Part 3: 50


Time Allowed Part 1: 180 minutes

Time Allowed Part 2: 90 minutes
Time Allowed Part 3: 120 minutes


Books That Are Allowed Into The Exam


1. NFPA 70: National Electrical Code, 2014, NFPA. Part 1-Part 2-Part 3

2. New Mexico Electrical Code (NMAC 14.10.4), 2014, New Mexico Commission of Public Records. Part 1-Part 2


3. NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code, 2010, NFPA. Part 3

4. National Electrical Safety Code (C2-2007), 2007, IEEE. Part 1


NOTE: If you are not currently a licensed contractor then you are required to take and pass BOTH the standard LAW exam and TRADE specific exam.

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New Mexico Contractors Exam Study Kit $249


complete home study kit saleOur home study materials are available in either books with CD-ROMs version or online downloadable version. Our CD-ROM software is developed using the computer-assisted testing software, which means that no internet or prior computer experience is required. Both CD-ROM and instant online download versions are identical and cover everything you need to study and pass your contractors exam. The complete home study kit includes: both Business and Law & Electrical study manuals with over 200 pages of electrical formulas, terminology, math examples, estimating, wiring, and more. Plus, over a thousand of practice exam questions with detailed explanations to all Business and Law and Electrical exam questions. All orders also receive a complete contractors application review, 30-day online exam support, and 24/7 online applicant support.


New Mexico Contractors License Reciprocity


contractors license reciprocityThe State of New Mexico Licensing Board only has a reciprocal agreement as it relates to journeyman electricians but none for contractors licensing. More info here.