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Utah HVAC Contractors License

get utah contractors licenseUTAH HVAC CONTRACTOR (S350) SCOPE OF WORK COVERED: The HVAC license allows the fabrication and installation of complete warm air heating and air conditioning systems, and complete ventilating systems.


Utah HVAC Contractors License Requirements


let us help you get your contractors licenseA contractors license is required in Utah for any project that exceeds $1,000. To become a licensed contractor candidates will have to sit for two exams, business and law and their trade. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: A minimum of four years of full-time experience within the past 10 years. FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS: On the license application, candidates will be required to show financial responsibility. More info here.


Utah HVAC Contractors Fees


contractors license feesTo become a licensed contractor in Utah, candidates will have to pass two exams, business and law and the trade. Even if you are obtaining your license through reciprocity, you must also pass a business and law exam and a trade exam. It will cost you $210 nonrefundable to file an application for a primary classification license. The supplemental classification application fee is $100. The business and law exam will cost you $72. Each trade exam costs $72.


Utah HVAC Contractors Exam Details


contractor exam detailed informationTo qualify for the exams for most trades, you must have at least two years of full-time related work experience in any trade you want to get a license for. The HVAC exam has 75 questions and a 70% is required to pass. Time limit is 3 hours. More info here.

HVAC Exam Content


Warm Air Heating
Ventilation Systems
Air Conditioning Systems
Duct Systems
Chimneys, Flues and Vents
Hot Water Piping
Combustion Air
Controls / Low Voltage
Fuel Oil Piping and Storage
Commercial Kitchen Venting
Refrigerant Piping
Chilled and Condenser Water Piping
Firestopping / Penetration Inspection

Total Number of Test Questions: 75

Time Allowed: 240 minutes


Books That Are Allowed Into The Exam


1. International Mechanical Code, 2012, ICC.


2. International Fuel Gas Code, 2012, ICC.


3. Manual J - Residential Load Calculation, 8th Edition, 2003,
Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)


4. Manual D - Residential Duct Systems, 8th Edition, 2009, Air
Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)


5. Manual S - Residential Heating and Cooling Equipment
Selection, Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)


NOTE: If you are not currently a licensed contractor then you are required to take and pass BOTH the standard LAW exam and TRADE specific exam.

$199                               $249

order your trade examorder your law and trade exam


Utah HVAC Contractors Exam Study Kit $249


complete home study kit saleOur home study materials are available in either books with CD-ROMs version or online downloadable version. Our CD-ROM software is developed using the computer-assisted testing software, which means that no internet or prior computer experience is required. Both CD-ROM and instant online download versions are identical and cover everything you need to study and pass your contractors exam. The complete home study kit includes: both Business and Law & HVAC study manuals with over 200 pages of HVAC formulas, installation terminology, math examples, troubleshooting, and more. Plus, over a thousand of practice exam questions covering both Business and Law and HVAC exams. All orders also receive a complete contractors application review, 30-day online exam support, and 24/7 online applicant support.


Utah Contractors License Reciprocity


contractors license reciprocityThe following are the Reciprocal Contractors License Classifications for Utah: Arizona, California, Louisiana, Nevada, and South Carolina. The contractor must be applying for a license in a classification that appears on that state's reciprocal  list. The contractor must have held an active license in good standing in one of the reciprocal states for the previous five years. The contractor must complete the Application for Original Contractor's License. More info here.