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Arizona General Small Commercial B-2/KB-2 License

get arizona contractors licenseSmall commercial construction in connection with any new structure or addition built, being built, or to be built for the support, shelter and enclosure of persons, animals, chattels or movable property of any kind. This scope inlcudes the supervision of all or any part of the above and includes the management or direct or indirect supervision of any work performed. This scope includes most of the L scopes except as they relate to electrical, plumbing, air conditioning systems, boilers, swimming pools, spas, and roofing (except shingles and shakes) which must be subcontracted to an appropriately licensed ocntractor.


Arizona General Small Commercial B-2/KB-2 License Requirements


let us help you get your contractors licenseA contractors license is required in Arizona for any contract that exceeds $1,000 (including labor and materials) or if the work requires a building permit. A business consisting of a sole proprietorship (individual), a partnership, limited liability company, or a corporation may apply for a contractor's license if they have a regularly employed person with the necessary experience, knowledge and skills who serves as the qualifying party. All persons listed on the application must be 18 years of age or older. Applicants are required to have 4 years of verifiable experience. A corporation or limited liability company must be registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission and in good standing with that agency before submitting an application for a contractor's license. The corporation or limited liability company must remain in good standing in order to renew their contractor's license. More info here.


Arizona General Small Commercial B-2/KB-2 Fees


contractors license feesAfter you pass the exam, you can complete your license application. You'll need a financial statement, proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance if you have employees, and a bond. The amount of the bond depends on the type of license you're getting and the gross amount of business you expect to do in Arizona. For commercial contractor licenses, bonds can be from $5,000 to $90,000 for each license. For residential contractor licenses, they're from $1,000 to $15,000 each. Residential contractors also need to pay into the Arizona Recovery Fund. The amount of the payment may vary from year to year depending on how much the Fund has accumulated over the year. One part law or trade examination is $56. Two parts law and trade examinations are $106. New license fees range from: $580 for each specialty classification, $780 for each general commercial classification, and $870 for each residential construction classification.


Arizona General Small Commercial B-2/KB-2 Exam Details


contractor exam detailed informationAll candidates are required to take and pass a Business Management Examination. In addition, the qualifying party must, pass a second exam covering the specific General Small Commercial B-2 for which you are applying. The exam has 100 questions and a time limit of 4 hours. A 70% is required to pass. The business management test contains questions on state and federal laws and questions on the management of construction projects and business and financial management. The fee for the exam is $56 when taking 1 portion or $106 when taking 2 portions (business management and the trade). A 70% is required to pass. More info here.

General Small Commercial B-2/KB-2 Exam Content


Plan Reading and Estimating
Metal Framing
Thermal and Moisture Protection
Doors and Windows

Total Number of Test Questions: 100

Time Allowed: 240 minutes


Books That Are Allowed Into The Exam


1. Code of Federal Regulations - 29 CFR Part 1926, Revised as of 2013. 


2. International Building Code, 2009, ICC.   


3. International Residential Code, 2009, ICC.           


4. ACI 318-08: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary, 2008, ACI.          


5. ACI 530-08: Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures, 2008, ACI.


NOTE: If you are not currently a licensed contractor then you are required to take and pass BOTH the standard LAW exam and TRADE specific exam.

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Arizona General Small Commercial B-2/KB-2 Exam Home Study Kit $249


complete home study kit saleOur home study materials are available in either books with CD-ROMs version or online downloadable version. Our CD-ROM software is developed using the computer-assisted testing software, which means that no internet or prior computer experience is required. Both CD-ROM and instant online download versions are identical and cover everything you need to study and pass your contractors exam. The complete home study kit includes: both Business Management & General Small Commercial study manual with over 500 pages of trade, math examples, estimating, formulas, safety, blueprint reading, and other study content. Plus hundreds of exam practice questions with detailed explanations to all Business Management and General Small Commercial exam practice questions. All orders also receive a complete contractors application review, 30-day online exam support, and 24/7 online applicant support.


Arizona Contractors License Reciprocity


contractors license reciprocityArizona contractors registrar will let you waive any trade exam you already have a license if you qualify. The Business Management exam cannot be waived because it has reference to Arizona specific statutes and rules. To waive the trade portion of the exam you must: The applicant/qualifier shall have taken and passed an equivalent trade exam that led to the approval of a contractor’s license. The contractor’s license must have been active and in good standing within the preceding five years. The exam content and the license classification must be equivalent to the Arizona exam and license for which the exam waiver is being requested. Additionally, you also must include; A description of the scope of license classification from the jurisdiction where the trade exam was taken. A copy of the passing tests results. A description of the exam content from the exam provider. Proof of the license status and history from the other jurisdiction (e.g. state, county, city). More info here.